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Blood Testing

Blood Test Results Within 15 Minutes

One of the great things about living in Bunbury is being away from the hustle and bustle of Perth. However, this used to create a problem with running blood tests, particularly when animals were very sick. We either had to wait until the next day to receive the results (which may be too late), or send the blood to a local human laboratory, where their machines are designed and calibrated for human blood.

We are now fortunate to be able to run comprehensive blood profiles at both our Bunbury Vet Clinic and Eaton Vet Clinic, with results normally available within 15 minutes.

Before we purchased the laboratory equipment, we would either need to start a treatment protocol based on just a physical examination, or we would need to call pets back to the clinic once we had received the results. Now, we can run the tests while you wait, so the correct treatment can begin straight away and on the first visit.

To ensure all our tests are run to the highest standard, all our staff have undertaken extra training on running these tests from a specialist veterinary pathologist. This means we can interpret the results with confidence, and you can be assured that the job is done well.

As technology has improved, it has also become more affordable. Just the same as computers used to be extremely expensive and only affordable to big companies but are now affordable to most people, in-clinic lab machines have also become more affordable. This means we can now run blood tests at the clinic for the same price as sending them to a larger laboratory.

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