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The 25/30 test

A good test that any owner of a brachycephalic dog can do is called the 25/30 test. This can be done at home/at the park, with the results then relayed to your vet. The test is performed as follows. On a 25-degree day, running your dog around down the park off lead...

How to reduce the risk of GDV/Bloat in dogs.

What is GDV? Bloat, or Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV), is a severe and rapidly fatal condition which often occurs in large, deep chested dogs. It occurs when the stomach experiences an abnormal accumulation of gastric ingesta and gas (dilatation) which may lead...

What to do if your dog is bitten by another dog

Dog bite wounds are one of the more common injuries we see. Whether the result of a fight or over-exuberant play, they do need to be see promptly by a vet. Often pet owners make the mistake of seeing a small puncture wound and assuming it’s a minor injury. While these...

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