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Charity and Wildlife Work

Our love for animals doesn’t just include domestic pets

Here at Bunbury & Eaton Vet Clinic, we believe that all animals have the right to the best possible treatment, regardless of where they might live. That’s why we are proud to consistently support local animal charities.

The money that we raise through our practice loyalty programme – Healthy Pets Club – is donated to charities to support their efforts in rehabilitating local animals in need.

We also undertake a large amount of work for animal rescue charities such as BARRC.

We regularly donate over $12,000 per year to local organisations, as well as providing them with significantly discounted services to ensure that veterinary care is always available to those who might need it.

We also take care of injured and abandoned wildlife, particularly after natural disasters like bush fires and floods. This work is carried out at our own cost, but we think it’s vitally important to provide care for any animal that needs it, regardless of whether they have an owner or someone to pay for their care.

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