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We’re currently fully staffed, but still growing. If you’re moving to the region and would like to work for us, please send a copy of your Resume and a Cover Letter to Josie is more than happy to have an informal/ confidential chat to see if we can make something work which suits everyone.


Vet Nurses

We’re currently fully staffed, but still growing. If you’re moving to the region and would like to work for us, please send a copy of your Resume and a Cover Letter to Josie is more than happy to have an informal/ confidential chat to see if we can make something work which suits everyone.

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Why I enjoy working at BEVC?

  1. Support: From the moment I started at BEVC the staff have made me feel like I was a part of the team. I am never made to feel uncomfortable for asking questions, no matter how silly or small I think the question may be, it is always answered with kindness and the genuine desire to help me.  Not only do they support each other in the day to day running of the clinic by being flexible to help in any role that may be needed, they also have shown a sincere interest in my life asking about my own pets, my hobby’s and celebrating milestones. This has made me feel like they are more like family rather than just work colleagues.

2. Exposure: myself and all nurses at BEVC are given the opportunity to expand our skill set by running nurse consultations for nail clips, anal glands, microchips, weight clinic, cytopoint injections, zydax injections and proheart injections. I am always given the opportunity to place catheters, intubate patients, calculate and administer medications, collect blood samples and make blood smears, stain slides and set up the microscope and any other nursing tasks I desire to do I am given the opportunity to and encouraged to do so.

 3. Hours: Last year management brought the teams together to discuss what us as staff would like to change to make work as enjoyable as possible to keep staff long term. For me personally as a nurse that travels 40 minutes to and from work I wanted to have a full day off a week instead of finishing earlier on some shifts as regardless I still had to travel so finishing earlier made no difference to me. I felt comfortable expressing this to management and found that I wasn’t the only nurse who felt the same. This conversation allowed for my roster to change from a RDO a fortnight to a RDO a week working 4 weekday 9.5 hour shifts. This allows for me to schedule any appointments I may need inn advance which is fantastic.

 The Saturday roster is shared between the nurses on rotation of 1 Saturday 4-4.25 hour shift  every 4 weeks and we are given the roster well in advance. Management are making the conscious effort to not roster me on a Saturday shift when my partner is home as he is a FIFO worker so I am limited to time I’m able to spend with him. I think this is very kind and goes above what they are required to do.

4. Management: I’ve never worked anywhere that provides as many team meetings and one on one catch ups to make sure staff are all on the same page and don’t have any concerns. This to me is very comforting as I then am able to express anything that I might not understand and it is resolved very promptly making the work place a steady and positive environment. I love that the business is owned by two friends that are family orientated as they then have a level of empathy that isn’t required for them to show staff but makes me feel supported. I also love that where possible they try to support other local businesses, whether it be as small as getting our coffees from the local café (also we get shouted coffees on the regular from management and that’s a big win in my eyes!) or as big as supporting the dog rescue company BARRC. I am a food lover so the fact that they purchase a cake for each team member on their birthday’s and food is provided at any meetings is always going to keep me happy.

 5. Further Education: We have always been encouraged to take on any further education that may interest us personally that could further develop our skills in the industry. Just recently I completed a 6 week course on anaesthesia that was paid for through work. I think this is great because it shows me that they are wanting to always grow and develop new skills and are willing to support the staff when they want to do this.

 Coming to BEVC from a previous vet clinic it has re sparked my love for the industry and I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to join this team. From a great team and clients, updated equipment, supportive management and the opportunity to still have a life outside of work is fantastic!


Perspective from one of our vets that started with us as a new grad:

“I did placement with the Bunbury and Eaton Vet Clinic during my 1st, 3rd and 5th years as a vet student and loved placement so much I readily took up my first full time job with them and haven’t looked back. I have now been working for them for 2.5 years.

As a new graduate you are well looked after and there is copious amounts of support from both the nursing team and vet team. There is no such thing as being thrown into the deep end here and you are slowly transitioned as you feel comfortable and competent. The senior vets are very knowledgeable and there is so much to learn from them. They are also accommodating to the newest up-to-date literature and are always keen to learn from you as a recent graduate. Difficult cases are always discussed among the vets and you never feel alone in tackling a tough case. This always ensures the best outcome for our patients too. 

I love my job here at Bunbury and Eaton Vet Clinics and would recommend it to any new graduate who is nervous about their first job. The South West is also a beautiful place to live.”


Perspective from one of our long term, experienced vets:

“I have worked at Bunbury Vet Clinic for over 20 years now. I really like working with all the staff finding it a very friendly and supportive environment to work in. I love the number of staff dogs that regularly come to work, showing how much as a practice we all love animals. All the staff animals provide for a stress release at work in a profession that can at times be very stressful.  I have 3 children and management has always been very supportive and allowed me to have time off to either look after or to support my children, which has made family life much easier and has allowed me to continue in my profession.  

As a practice we value and support each other, especially the new graduates. I feel as one of the senior vets in the practice quite strongly about supporting new graduates coming into the profession, and in turn love learning new ideas/methods of treatment from them. As vets, we all freely communicate regularly, having discussions about our cases, which I feel can only improve the outcome for the patients.

I enjoy working at the Bunbury Vet Clinic and find it very rewarding, which can be seen by the fact that I have been here for over 20 years.”