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Healthy Pets Club

Would you like a way to save money while making pet care easier and more convenient?

Do you want the convenience of your pets parasite control delivered to your door when they are due for treatment, so you never need to remember yourself?

How does unlimited primary consultations at no extra cost sound?

If this sounds good, our Healthy Pets Club is for you.

The Healthy Pets Club is all about keeping your pet healthy while making pet ownership as easy and affordable as possible.

How does it work?

We have two levels of membership. Our “Healthy Pets Club Standard” includes:

  • Your pet’s vaccinations
  • 12 months heartworm, flea and intestinal worm control
  • 10% discount on all consultations and revisits
  • 10% discount on microchipping
  • 10% discount on desexing
  • free nail clipping and weight clinics throughout the year

The higher level “Healthy Pets Club Plus” membership includes all these, plus

  • 6 monthly wellness checks
  • unlimited free primary consultations
  • 10% discount on revisits
  • free anal gland expression.

Membership can be paid either directly to the clinic, or with ZipPay to help you spread the costs over 6 months. Either way, it represents excellent value for money, with members saving around $82 dollars per year on the Essentials Membership, while Healthy Pet Plus Members will save around $163 per year (based on two visits per year for a 25kg dog). For both levels, the savings will be even higher if the pet visits us more frequently.

Click here for terms and conditions.

Does the Healthy Pets membership cover puppies and kittens?

We have developed a special category for puppies and kittens which reflects the need for a course of primary vaccinations and more frequent parasite treatment. We have created this group at a special price with even greater savings than normal to help you get your puppy or kitten off to the best start possible.

Can my pet join if it has a pre-existing condition?

Your pet can join at any time, even if they have a pre-existing condition. You can start benefiting from the 10% discount on revisits straight away.

What level of vaccination is included?

We believe in tailoring each pet’s vaccination to their specific needs, so your pet will be vaccinated for whatever is appropriate for their circumstances. The price is the same regardless of the level of vaccine required.

How many times can I visit in a year?

The plans are designed for unlimited use. With the Health Pets Club Plus plan, unlimited primary consultations are included. A primary consultation is the first time we see your pet for a particular problem. If your pet needs a subsequent visit for the same problem, a revisit fee will be charged with a 10% discount.

What products are included in the membership?

For dogs, we use Boehringer vaccines, a long acting injection for heartworm control, Bravecto for fleas and Pyraquantel for intestinal worms. For cats, we use Boehringer vaccines, Bravecto Plus for fleas and roundworms, and Popantel tapewormer.

Can I choose a different parasite control product?

Our products have been chosen to provide the best care for your pet at an affordable price. As such, we are unable to substitute any products for an alternative.

How do we receive the parasite control products?

We will post your product out to you when your pet is due for treatment. All you need to do is give the treatment to your pet when it arrives. We’ll take care of the timing and the postage for you.

Does this membership replace my pet's insurance?

The Healthy Pets Club has been designed to optimise your pet’s health, not to replace insurance. We recommend pet insurance for all our patients.

What happens if I need to move?

If you move house or your postal details change, it is important to contact us to update your details. This will ensure that your parasite control products are sent to the correct address, and any renewal notices are also received.

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