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New Pet Advice

New to Pet Ownership? Here are our top tips to help you care for your new pet

Puppies and new Dogs

Safety: The first thing you want to do is make sure the house is safe for your dog. Ensure the fences are in good repair so they can’t escape. Check for any objects they may hurt themselves on when running around, and make sure there are no poisons such as snail pellets or rat poisons where they could access them. You will also need to update your pet’s microchip details and council registration.

Consistency: Try to carry on as many of your old routines as possible. Try to feed your pet as normal, continue to take walks, and allow them inside if that is what they are used to. When taking them for walks, please make sure you keep them on a lead for the first few days (even if they are used to walking off lead) as there is a chance they may try to return to their old home.

Familiarity: With a new house, it’s tempting to leave the scruffy old dog bed and battered food bowl behind and replace them with new ones. While it might be nice to have everything new and clean, dogs like old and familiar. Bring their old bedding, toys and bowls with you, and try to place them in similar positions to their old home. This gives your dog a sense of consistency and security.

Minimise anxiety: Change is stressful for dogs, and they all deal with stress in different ways. If your dog wants to be near you, let them follow you around. If they want somewhere quiet, set aside a room where they can hide away. If they are finding the boxes and cases stressful, it may be worth sending them to a friend’s house for a few days until things are unpacked and a bit more settled.

Kittens and new Cats

Safety: Cats are even more sensitive to change than dogs, so it is important to make sure they can’t run away. With people going in and out with boxes, removalists making noise and big changes happening, we recommend putting your cat in a cage or dedicated room during the moving process. Stressed cats can easily escape through an open door, so it is critical to keep them in an enclosed area. You will also need to update microchip and council registration details in case they do escape.

Consistency: For the first few days, we recommend keeping your cat enclosed in a room with their food, water and litter tray. This avoids them escaping through an open door or window while they are settling in to their new home. After this, try to return to their normal routine with feeding, placement of bowls, etc.

Familiarity: As with dogs, you want to bring your cat’s favourite toys, old bowls and litter trays with you, and stick with their usual routines. For outdoor cats, only let them outside when you can supervise them, or even better when on a harness and lead. This should just be for short periods of time initially as it can be a bit stressful being in a new yard.

Minimise anxiety: Cats are very prone to anxiety related illness. Allow them to have a quiet place where they feel safe. Cats tend to love being high and hidden, so provide them with a spot on a cupboard or shelf with a box or enclosure where they can look out at the room. You may also find that a positive pheromone product called Feliway may help relax your cat in their new home.

Updating your Microchip Details

It is important to make sure that your pet’s microchip details are kept up to date. If your pet escapes and is picked up by the rangers or a member of the public; a microchip is the best way to ensure your pet can be reunited with you.

Updating your microchip is something you can do yourself if you have the microchip number and registration certificate. Depending on which company your pet’s microchip is registered, you can head to the following websites to update your details:

Australian Animal Registry:

Central Animal Records:

If you don’t have your pet’s microchip number or need any help updating your pet’s details, please give us a call and we can assist you in the process.

Updating Council Registration

To update your pet’s registration details, head to the appropriate council websites for relevant forms and information. You can also find information on dog exercise areas on these sites.

City of Bunbury

Shire of Capel

Shire of Dardanup

Shire of Harvey

Choosing the right Vet

We’d obviously love for you to give our service a try. If you’re not already a client, you can head to our home page ( and download a voucher for $20 off your first visit.

After choosing a vet, there are a few things we recommend you do:

  • Register your pet with a practice before you need them. This way, you’ll know where to go in an emergency.
  • Keep the vet’s phone number handy so you can contact them easily.
  • Ask your new vet to contact your previous vet to obtain a copy of your pet’s medical history. This allows your new vet to continue any treatment as necessary, and be aware of any medical conditions which may affect your pet.
  • Ensure your new vet is aware when your pet is next due for vaccinations and health checks, so they can send you a reminder at the appropriate time.

Useful Contacts

Boarding Kennels and Catteries

Because each pet is different, there is no “one size fits all” for kennels and catteries. We recommend you visit a kennel or cattery before booking your pet in to ensure it meets your expectations and your pet’s needs.

Some nearby kennels and catteries include:

Down South Boarding Kennels. 8 Billinghurst Rd, Donnybrook WA 6239. Phone (08) 9731 0186

Southern Meadows Boarding Kennels. 357 Glendon Rd, Ludlow WA 6280.Phone (08) 9753 2163

Bushlands Pet Resort. 35 Range Rd, Capel WA 6271. Phone (08) 9727 1347

Lochwind Cattery. 1526 Boyanup-Picton Rd, Dardanup WA 6236. Phone (08) 9725 4323


First Class Pet Grooming. Rachel from First Class Pet Grooming works Fridays at the Bunbury (Phone 9721 5999) and Eaton (Phone 972 50399) Vet Clinics. On other days she will come to your home to groom your pet, bringing all the equipment she will need. Phone 0405 542 249 to contact Rachel directly.

If we can help in any other way, please feel free to give us a call at the Bunbury Vet Clinic on 9721 5999, or Eaton Vet Clinic on 9725 0399.

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