With the cost of living crisis being at the front of so many people’s thoughts, we want to help people budget properly for their pet’s health needs.

One of the questions we are often asked is “how much does it cost?. What does a broken leg cost to repair? How much is a consult? Well, we’ve done our best to answer those questions as honestly and openly as we can. For some conditions we can only give a range of prices – for example, broken legs can vary in complexity and the need for implants so costs can vary considerably – but it hopefully starts as a rough guide.

We hope to add more prices to this list in future (I’m trying to tweak the website between consults and surgeries, so it’s a slow process) to help make decisions on pet care easier.

We believe that by discussing prices openly pet owners can be better informed of the costs of caring for a pet even before they purchase one, and that people will be able to prepare themselves better for a visit to see us.

To view the price list, please click the “Prices” link on our home page, or CLICK HERE