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What does it cost to see the vet?

With the cost of living crisis being at the front of so many people's thoughts, we want to help people budget properly for their pet's health needs. One of the questions we are often asked is "how much does it cost?. What does a broken leg cost to repair? How much is...

Who are the best vets in Bunbury, Eaton, and Treendale?

Each year, the vets at the Bunbury and Eaton Vet Clinics perform over 7500 consultation and administer over 9000 vaccines for the pets of Bunbury, Eaton, Treendale, and surrounds. From time to time we are asked by clients which other vets are available in the area....

Dog with a sore on its ear

This question came in to Ask a Bunbury Vet recently: Our dog has a lump/scab on the edge of her ear. I initially thought it may have been from flies biting. We took her to the vet and they weren’t sure what it was from but said they need to surgically remove it. We...

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