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Brachycephalic Surgery

Over the past hundred years human beings have designed for themselves a huge number of different dog breeds. The conformation of some of these breeds has become more extreme and sadly many health problems have been introduced into the dog population as a consequence....

Isn’t Breathing Like That Normal For The Breed?

We’ve all seen videos on Facebook of these dogs falling asleep while they’re sitting up, or resting their heads on a cushion to sleep. Our natural instinct is to say “aw, isn’t that cute”. The sad reality is these dogs are falling asleep like that because they struggle to breathe while laying down.

Why is my dog constantly scratching and licking its paws?

Does your dog get itchy skin, sore ears, or lick their paws constantly? They may have allergic skin disease. Spring and early summer tend to be the worst time for allergic skin disease in dogs as there are high pollen levels in the air. It’s no coincidence that many...

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